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Website Support

This is seem by our Full Package bundle clients as an extremely important service because it means they have a team of professionals here in Australia that they can ask to do almost anything to their website and know they won’t get an invoice soon after. An update might be quick or time consuming but the cost never changes.

All of our bundle plans include support but it is limited to basic alterations such as minor text changes and FSG updates in the two lower bundle options. However, for the Full Package bundle this support is unlimited: clients just have to ask.

It is not uncommon either for clients to ask us questions about other issues such as internet access through to digital marketing.

Our broad experience (over 21 years) and focus (we have only ever worked for planners and accountants) means we can answer them all – very few suppliers can claim to do that.

We also offer support for existing WordPress sites. An unmanaged WordPress site has the potential to be hacked. We can help prevent this @ $35 per month.

We’re not just support but rather a part of your team.