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News & Practice Updates

Practice development by improving client experience.

Developing the potentials in your client base is the best marketing an accounting practice can do. However, few do it well.

Our News & Practice Update service is a new service that is all about removing the limitations of Newsletters and replacing them with something more positive and productive.

Client development isn’t just the transfer of information as newsletters are. It’s more about client engagement; improving client experience; giving something back; reaching a broader range of client types; actively including business clients; incorporating referral partners; and generating website traffic – something Google ranks a site on.

Benefits of our service include:

  • Bespoke templates that reflects your message, services, reminders and social media.
  • The time and expertise most practices don’t have.
  • A vital job is done every month.
  • The cost is similar to doing this task in-house.
  • Educate your clients so they are more able to promote your services to their family, friends, colleagues and associates.
  • More referrals = Stronger Practice.
  • Viral. A new client promotes you to their network. A new client from their network then promotes you to their network, and on it goes.

Newsletters are not a good tool when trying to attain any of the above. Newsletters didn’t work in the past and still don’t. They were always something that made a practice feel good but did little for clients.

Newsletters focused on the 6-10% of clients who read while our News & Practice Updates focus on this group PLUS the other 90%. This is done by including a practice’s social media; writing articles that push-back against adverse finance sector perceptions; we include video links; include staff profiles, and include case studies to help further educate clients in what you do.