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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of enhancing a website and the online presence of a website. The aim is to improve the website or web page’s position in unpaid search results, along with the user experience. The benefits of a higher position in search results is that users are more likely to visit your web page. Numerous bodies of research detail that the top listings in search results receive the most attention. The benefits of a great user experience is that satisfied users may remain on a website for longer and have an increased likelihood of enquiring, purchasing or signing up.

SEO differentiates from Google Ads. SEO focuses on organic leads from your unpaid positions in search results. Google Ads focuses on pay per clicks to drive users towards your website or goal. SEO is more of a long term strategy. Depending on the scale of the project, SEO could take multiple months before large improvements or enquiries appear. Smaller local businesses can benefit from SEO quicker in some cases, as their local listing could improve quickly. Larger websites competing for national or international keywords can take longer, sometimes a few months up to 6 months before greater improvements and enquiries can appear. A perk of SEO is that the beneficial work can continue to improve rankings and provide a great user experience, even if that specific SEO task has ended. Google Ads on the other hand can generate leads quickly though can have a high upkeep cost and if the Google Ads campaign is paused, then no leads will be generated.

PlannerWeb are experts at SEO and have been assisting numerous financial planners for years. Our team use modern methods that adhere to current Google guidelines. We do not resort to spammy “black hat” SEO techniques. Quality for our clients and their users is of the utmost importance. Focusing on quality pays off more and more as Google penalises sites resorting to spam techniques, causing quality websites to rise to better positions in search results.

What’s Involved in SEO for Financial Planners?

SEO can vary from industry to industry. The SEO for financial planners can be different to say a car wash or ecommerce business. We review every client’s unique position, specialities and goals, then develop a strategy to suit them.

PlannerWeb assists financial planners on an SEO front by:

  • Improving the performance and loading time of their website.
  • Enhancing the accessibility. This improves the experience for all users, particularly those with visual impairments.
  • Keeping content fresh and appealing.
  • Building your local presence and helping you stand out.
  • Growing the strategy as your business grows. New goals? Want to focus on a specific service? We adapt your SEO strategy to suit the direction that you want to take your business.

Do I Need Search Engine Optimisation?

Do you have a website where you want to be found, want more enquiries, sales, calls and sign ups? Then search engine optimisation can be a fantastic addition to your marketing strategy and lead generation.