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Website Design & Development

Our best value websites are available in conjunction with one of our Accounting and Financial Planning Content Bundles.

We do, however, offer a standalone website design and development service for clients that are not in the Accounting and Financial Planning industries, or not in need of our content services.

There are two main site designs that we develop: single page scrolling sites and multi page sites.

As the name implies, single page scrolling sites display the entire website on a single page. The feature a menu bar like any other website, however the menu links scroll to to different sections within the single page instead of loading a new page. This website you’re visiting is a single page scrolling site. This style gives your business a great modern and professional look online. These sites are ideal for businesses that don’t have a lot of content for their websites, but can also accommodate those with larger content requirements.

A multi page site is the more traditional website style where the menu bar links to a different page on the site. This style is necessary for businesses with larger and more complicated content requirements. A multi page site is ideal for businesses that invest in SEO strategies and recommendations.

  • Our websites are developed in Iggy, our own custom and patented web platform. WordPress development available on request.
  • All of our websites include stock photography, supplied by Getty Images
  • Search Engine Registration fee of $165 available if required, getting your business name on Google and other search engines. Google Analytics is added to your site as part of this service, allowing you to track page hits and other data.